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I am having laser hair removal done for full legs and bikini line. I have to admit, I was very skeptical about the outcome since I am an African American woman of medium skin color. I waxed monthly for the past 15 years and even after all that time, my hair still grew in course. I have had 4 laser treatments so far and have been blown away with the results after the very first one. My only regret is waiting so long to try it. Thank you so much!

-Tracey Underwood

Fair Skin Spa is the best! The esthetician is awesome, he is so easy to talk to and puts you at ease with the several procedures I have had from chemical peels, facial, and laser hair removal on my lower abdomen, he is the best at comforting and informing you of everything you need to know and should expect. There is no one else I would want with me during a procedure other than him. It has been only 48 hours since my last laser session and my hair hasn’t grown back and my skin looks great.

-Klent Washington

I was very pleased with my consultation. Ray made me feel very comfortable about the procedure i plan on having next month…I appreciate how he explained to me step by step and the assurance of the results….Great job!!

-Kimberly Jones

The service I have received is excellent. My technician is very knowledgeable and makes me feel comfortable every visit. The ambiance is also very calming and the melodies a nice perk! I have recommended Fair Skin Spa to other friends and family. I like them so much even my daughter is a client.

-Veronica Hernandez

I’ve been consistently happy with the professional and knowledgeable service I’ve received from Ray. My skin looks and feels amazing after my facials! I am grateful to have found a place in Atlanta where I can relax and trust that I will always be in great hands. I’ll definitely be returning!

-Stepahnie Lane

I had such a man face before my laser hair removal treatments started. I was already self conscious about my appearance but everyone there was so professional, and courteous, and really welcomed me even with my man face. After just three treatments I could really see results, not just less hair, but less hair coming back, and less hair overall the effected area. Ray is so helpful with other needs as well like break outs and maintaining my skin in the sun after treatments. I would never go anywhere else because of how I was treated there since the first day of walking in and scheduling my consultation.

-Jennifer Lonestar

My aesthetician is great! He makes you feel so comfortable with the treatment you are getting done by explaining in detail what he is doing and making recommendations. He doesn’t pressure you into doing any treatment. He has a really great personality. I love this place!

-Vicky Seriner

The overall experience has been very good. Went for an initial consultation for laser hair removal. The consultant was very good about explaining the procedure, benefits and risks and also suggesting other procedure that I would benefit with as I have acne issues. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. Not at all pushy. He has good products for care at home. I will absolutely keep coming. No regrets! Thanks for being so friendly and professional.

-Hector Paso

Had a great experience in laser removal. Very professional , nice spa and on time. Great place to go!

-Monique Lewis

Laser hair removal….Best decision I ever made!!! The technician was so friendly and professional. I have told all my friends about FairSkin Spa. Thanks so much for your great service.

-Sierra Misrani

I have been going to Ray for my facials for a couple years now. I have to say that my skin has never been so clear and smooth. I feel like my skin looks younger than before and my complexion is glowing. The services are unbeatable! Thank you!

-Ronnie Bason

I had my hair removal and a few skin treatments done at Fair Skin Spa- I love the place, very competent and friendly, flexible, super clean, nice ambiance. I give the Spa my highest recommendation.

-George Woolbright

I really enjoyed my visit , I feel the high level of proficiency the moment i entered into the spa room. I definitely will recommend Fair Skin Spa to a friend. Keep up the good work and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be your client.

-Nicholas Baxter

The short review is that I have been VERY happy with the Fair Skin Spa facility, treatments & amp; equipment! I live right up the street so I’m lucky they are so nearby. The more detailed review: So far I’ve had laser hair removal (legs/arms/underarm & bikini), , one micro dermabrasion/ facial on my upper body. Ray is very nice, knowledgeable & professional. I had tiny bumps on my upper arms (especially my left arm) apparently called “Keratosis pilaris”. He was honest with me up front that treating them may or may not help. I did the micro-dermabrasion and facial and I have to say it made a very significant difference. My arms look MUCH better & I’m so glad I did it. Time will tell if it returns, but so far so good & it’s been roughly 2 months. I did laser hair removal MANY years ago when it first became popular and it was very painful. I needed some touch-ups as I never fully completed my treatments before. When I realized the the laser candela gentle yag that Ray uses really is pain-free, I must admit I thought “no way this is doing anything”. Well, sure enough just as with my original treatments, the hair started to shed away & it absolutely worked! Thumbs up for technological improvements!

-Hillary Jones

FIVE STARS !!!! The easiest way to describe Fair Skin Spa. From the time you enter the spa room you are welcomed by a very knowledgeable individual . Then when it was time for my procedure, I had the most pleasant time. Thank you Jesus for such a great blessed man who had patience, taking his time and explaining step by step as he worked. Again thank you Jesus and thank you Fair Skin Spa you all are highly recommended!!!!

-Daniel Livarus

I have been so impressed with the results of the laser hair removal on my legs and bikini area that I have started the process on my underarms. I love how soft the skin on my legs feel without the hair and cannot wait to see the results on my underarms. I have also had the microdermabrasion and the facial and have loved those results as well. I have have microdermabrasion before, years ago, and was bracing myself for the pain. To my surprise, there wasn’t any and my face was not all red afterwards. There was literally no down time. Ray has been so sweet and I know I will be a client for years to come. Thank you all for being you

-Milton Hampton

THANK YOU Fair Skin SPA!! I love this SPA.The details of the spa room are outstanding. Beautiful office, pure luxury.

-Giovanni Soto


As always, I had a great painless experience. The service is so sweet and efficient. He makes sure you are 100% comfortable and at ease. I still can’t get over how great this laser works.

-Sterland Mckenzie


-Jalise Bondide

He took his time & explained everything to me. He was not pushy. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. What I appreciated the most is that he made my procedure as affordable as possible

-Francesca Simpleton

I highly recommend FairSkin Spa for anyone interested in getting laser hair removal. I heard about this place from a family friend who had wonderful results for her facial hair growth, and so I decided to give it a try. I was worried because I have extremely sensitive skin, but after my consultation and first treatment with the candela laser, I felt at ease and relieved that I had decided to go through with it. My technician who has done all of my treatments, is amazing!! In addition to doing a very thorough job, he always makes me feel comfortable and gives me great tips for my skin-care regime. I was so pleased with the results and customer service that I decided to get my legs done with her as well. Now, five facial treatments and three leg treatments later, I already feel freed from the burden and time involved with conventional hair removal methods. I am very thankful for my experience with Fair Skin Spa!

-June Delane

I am completely in love with my aesthetician and the entire Fair SKin Spa decor!

-Kathy Richardson